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Dolls... do you crave the smoothest and most flawless looking makeup?! It all starts with the ... BASE!  Introducing my REBOUND, RESILIENT & ALL ROUNDER BOUNCE BACK BLENDERS! I am excited to announce the launch of my new Bounce Back Blenders which increase in size by 50% when damp and allows foundation to be applied easier with minimum product waste. The BB Blender helps the foundation set into the skin and gives it a natural and airbrushed look! I have personally used many makeup sponges in my time and have found most of them are either too hard or absorb too much product. The Bounce Back Blender literally bounces the product off the sponge and straight onto your skin!! Bounce Back Blender Benefits:-Easy to use from beginners to professionals-Absorbs 75% less product than makeup brushes -Can be used with cream,liquid & powder products-Gives a flawless base every time-Easy to wash & reuse  IT IS A DREAM!! The Bounce Back Blender should be washed regulary to ensure clean application.I stand by the statement that the makeup sponges should be replace every 3-6 months depending on usage.  The pack of 3 will give you 1 years supply of the sponges... or enough to share with a friend :)Directions: Run the bounce back blender under warm water for 10 seconds and continuously squeeze and I squeeze the sponge and allow to soak. When the blender has enlarged, squeeze the water out of the blender until blender is damp. Now the blender is ready to use! *Colour may vary from shades of pink and purple

Pack of all 3 Bounce Back Blenders

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