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Mystery Magnetic Lash Bundle - 3 Magnetic Lashes for £12!!


Take a risk and try and love these magnetic lashes FOREVER.


3 styles selected at random for bundle.


** (Lashes sold seperately to magnetic lash liner, please ensure you purchase to select both) **



• Hypnotic Lash - Maximum Volume, Dramatic Cat eye effect. • Irresistible Lash - Long, Fluffy & Full with fine tampered ends. •Charming Lash - Medium Length, wispy and fluffed - best soft glam lash. • Alluring Lash - Subtle, Wispy, perfect everyday Lash! •Enchanting Lash - The WOW lash, bold with long tapered lashes thorough. An eye catcher! *FOREVER REUSABLE**NO GLUE NO MESS**HASSLE FREE APPLICATION**SAFER TO USE THAN GLUE LASHES**PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS + PROFESSIONALS*How to Apply: Align band with natural lash line, delicately trim excess if needed. Apply magnetic liner above lash line until and wait 2 minutes for the liner to set. Check to see if the liner has set, there should be no transfer and the liner should dry matte. Place the lash in the centre of your natural lashes, then using tweezers push the inner corner of the strip lash in place followed by the outer corner. The magnetic liner will draw the magnetic lash towards it! Application is that easy! Products sold seperately.




Mystery Magnetic Lash Bundle

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